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Try Your Own Seeds - 9 Tray Pack

Try Your Own Seeds - 9 Tray Pack

These compostable trays come pre-filled with our organic soil, ready to add your own seeds and grow!

Our customers use these soil trays to grow garden starters in their kitchen or microgreen varieties we don't yet offer in our tray lineup. We cannot guarantee the growth since the seeds are not supplied directly from Instafarm.

Our soil-only trays are labeled with upside down tray lids to differentiate them from our pre-seeded trays.

We'd love to hear your feedback if you find seeds or varieties that you love to grow!

Important  note: If your plants do not grow to a full height and density like our standard micro green tray offerings, we recommend leaving the "tray slot" it occupied empty for 2+ hours after harvesting your plants from these soil-only trays. This resets the watering algorithm to let the Instafarm know it is ready for a new plant. If this is not done the next plants grown in that slot may end up too dry.

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