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Micro Kale - 9 Tray Pack

Micro Kale - 9 Tray Pack

Compostable trays come pre-planted with organic seeds and soil ready to grow and harvest in 7 days.

Micro kale makes boosted nutrition simple with its favorable and mild flavor. It adds interest to common dishes while also delivering superfood-level nutritional value! Micro kale is complementary in cooked meals such as sautés and scrambles, while equally delicious raw as a side salad, lettuce replacement, or garnish.

Taste: Light and earthy

Nutrition Highlights:
Antioxidants, Mineral-Rich, Vitamin C & K.

Ready to Harvest Times: The harvest times on the tray labels and on this website are estimates only and can be significantly lengthened by environmental conditions including the ambient temperature. These ready to harvest times do not guarantee the plant will grow within that timeframe under all conditions.
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